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Insurance News

Insurance News:

Middleton Appointed to Calif. Workers' Comp Fraud Assessment Commission

California State Compensation Insurance Fund has announced that Lisa Middleton, senior vice president of internal affairs, was elected chair of the Workers’ Compensation Fraud Assessment Commission. Middleton brings 35 years of experience in the workers’ compensation insurance industry and offers knowledge of best practices in identifying, preventing and fighting fraud.

In her new role, Middleton aims to increase the prosecution of fraud by improving fraud awareness and education, and enhancing collaboration with the California  Department of Insurance.

Middleton has served as a member of the Fraud Assessment Commission since 2009. As head of State Fund’s internal affairs, she is responsible for the Special Investigation Unit, Public Records Office, and Internal Audit department. During her tenure at State Fund, Middleton assisted in the prosecution of more than 75 workers’ compensation fraud cases and has held various management roles in the Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco and Ventura offices. 


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