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Whether you are an agent or a carrier, your focus should be on placing risks into the proper guidelines for your insurance program and selling policies. This should be done with minimal administrative staff to maximize profitability. Our full service offerings allow you to - Just Sell! When you engage Mountain West to manage your collections and accounting, we will represent you as a "Full-service" provider, addressing the customer needs from start to finish. 


Can your customers pay by credit card or check in real time over the phone? Can your customers make payments and set up recurring payments online? With Mountain West services, Now They Can! Our proprietary system was built to accommodate every billing scenario (Agency Bill, Carrier Bill, Direct Bill, Financed Direct Bill, etc…). We can track and add fees in a configurable way, and setup automated notifications for just about anything. Providing customers with consistent billing and easy payment options has been shown to dramatically increase retention. When a policy cancels, nobody wins! 


Is your accounts receivable getting out of hand? Are you being exposed to risk through non-payment?
It is surprising how many customers will make their payment if they are simply given a little nudge (or several!). Our Cancellation Prevention Specialists are trained in insurance law, and understand the importance of keeping cancellations to a minimum. They are also well-practiced at friendly collecting, that empowers the insured to stay insured. Save yourself the headache! All you need to do is sit back, receive the money and watch your cancellations go down, down, down.


Once a payment is collected, our automated system will divvy up the funds to the appropriate parties (lender, carrier, producer, sub-producer, etc…). By configuring our rules based "Divvy Engine" with your disbursement formulas, we can automate all disbursements of payment, including the dreaded "agent commissions and return commissions." What about cancellations, endorsements and audits, oh my! Yes, we handle those too. Rest assured, whether paying out commissions or collecting charge-backs, the money will end up in the right hands and the numbers will all zero-out!


Detail reports provided, including Agent Commission Disbursement, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Profitability, Reconciliation, Production, and more!


We understand that different customers need different services. Mountain West can design a program that accommodates some or all of your needs. Whether it be a financing program at 0% APR, a direct bill

Want to round out your "Customer service game"?

Talk to our sales representatives at (888) 280-0235 for more information!


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